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Subud members come from all walks of life. Check out what some of our members in Chicago are doing!




Mahallia Ward Pollard

Since joining the Joffrey Ballet in 2011, Mahallia has danced significant roles in Gerald Arpino’s The Nutcracker, Wayne McGregor’s Infra, Twayla Tharp’s 9 Sinatra Songs, Jerome Robin’s Interplay, Christopher Whealdon’s After the Rain, and Alexander Ekman’s Episode 31. Other repertoire includes Yuri Possokhov’s Don Quixote, Kurt Jooss’s Green Table, Stanton Welch’s Son of a Chamber Symphony, Lar Lubovitch’s Othello, Nijinsky’s Sacre du Printemps, and Stanton Welch’s La Bayadere.

Barruch Gordon

Barruch is retired from his original career as an M.D. Anesthesiologist, and now spends his time creating beautiful sculptures and wood carvings. He joined Subud originally in 1963 in Chicago and serves as the Chicago Committee vice chair.

"I believe that Subud is my quintessential spiritual resolution," he says.








Dana Todd

Dana is a well known digital marketing executive, and enjoys all things internet and technology. She started doing internet marketing when the Web began in the 90s, first co-founding an agency and then a startup before moving to Chicago. She enjoys sailing, traveling and eating fine foods in the wonderful restaurant scene here. She first joined Subud in 2009 in San Diego, CA. "Subud has unlocked a significant amount of power and learning in my life," she says. "I like the fact that it's uniquely personal to me, and it's not a religion - I have not felt comfortable with any of the organized religious offerings out there. Subud gives me a framework for personal spiritual growth that is just between me and the universe."


Suharto Turong

Suharto was opened in 1973 in Vietnam. His story is an interesting one, including his exodus from that country in 1975 with the help of Subud. "When I left my country I had only my clothes on me and some pictures of my childhood," he says. "Subud has had a huge impact on my life. It makes me humble and thankful for everything that God gave me - all the things that I need for my life (my family, house, cars, education, jobs etc...) and it made me to learn to be patient. Subud is everything to me."

Shoshanah Margolin

Former professor of social work at Governors State University, Shoshanah is currently serving as past chairperson for the national association of Subud and doing what she can for the local center. She is also part of a memoir writers’ group, book review editor for a school social work journal, and member of a nominating committee at her temple. Before she joined Subud, in her own admission, she was terribly confused about her identity, direction, and professional path. Almost from the start, she became aware of how doing the latihan helped her to find her true self and how it manifests in this life.


Alex Woodward

Alex is a community organizer whose specialty is using digital tools and strategy to mobilize neighborhoods and individuals around grassroots causes. She's still relatively new to Chicago, but has fallen in love with it; during the few hours she's not at work, she's exploring - whether on runs, bike rides, or outings to restaurants - dancing flamenco, or playing in rec-league soccer games. A "Subud kid," Alex has traveled around to various Subud events since before she could walk, but was finally opened in 2003. She can't imagine life without it, really - it has helped her navigate the complicated waters of young adult life and provided her with a community of people who just... "get it." Subud will forever be her rock.


Hadrian Pollard

After getting his Master's degree in education from Northwestern University, Hadrian began teaching fourth grade at Washington Elementary School in Evanston.

Subud has been an active presence in Hadrian's life since he was a child. Both of his parents have been involved in the organization since the 1960s. Subud has provided the foundation from which Hadrian has operated in his life. It has guided, centered, and inspired him.

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